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Robert-Gilles Martineau hails from Bourgogne/Burgundy, France and presently resides in Shizuoka/Japan

Samurais Never Sleep At Night-Deadly Music: Chapter 4

Deadly Music-Chapter 4 is completed! Chapter 4: Thursday, January 19th, 2017 An uneventful day Shizuoka’s famed gastronomy Shizuoka Police. Visiting Mochimune. Planning the demise of politician morons. Read more….

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Samurais Never Sleep At Night-Deadly Music

Authored by Robert-Gilles Martineau Go to “Pages” on right side to start reading! Prologue Having lived for no less than 40 years in a city and region celebrated all over Japan for their gastronomy, I thought it might be of … Continue reading

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